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Thank you for choosing Shaddai for your long distance move. Our expert movers at Shaddai will save you a lot of trouble and hassle in the long run because we have all the tools, equipment, and manpower necessary to get a the job done right the first time. Shifting houses or office from one place to another is not a very easy task. There are numerous things to be accounted for and the least we can do is to reduce our worries by outsourcing certain aspects of our work to others.

It is best to hire professionals who would be able to help you pack and then transport all your essentials and have them delivered anywhere across USA. So in case you have got a better job opportunity in another state or you have managed to find your dream home in another part of the country, shifting becomes a must. Shaddai helps you pack all your items without any hassle and deliver them safely to your new location.

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Samantha and Roy Johansen
Samantha and Roy Johansen

“California was getting too expensive for us so we decided to move to Colorado. The thought of moving made my head spin, but luckly we found Kevin from Shaddai moving. The crew came with all the packing tools and supplies that you could think of. Once the crew started working a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. These guys were efficient and affordable. ”

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