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Thank you for choosing us for your moving needs. We have helped hundreds of commercial businesses like yourself move their items. Our staff is highly trained in the handling any kind of bulky or delicate objects. Your business might consist of items that are too heavy for a person to lift or are too flimsy as feathers and have to be meticulously handled. Packing them into respective boxes, watching over them while in transit and finally helping them to unpack, this is what experts at Shaddai do. Our rates are very affordable and we can get you a quote almost instantly. There are techniques of packing and our experts know them all.

We also arrange for all the vehicles that might be needed during the moving. Certain warehouses and factories have machines and parts in huge numbers and the amount of storage space they require while moving is immense. Shaddai arranges for all the vehicles and we are always cautious about the complete safety of the goods.

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Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman

“I first called Shaddai in 2013 and have used their services several times now when I had to move my to my new home and later when I moved my business. They called me a week before the scheduled moving date to confirm. The movers don't mess around. They are like little busy working bees so they got the job done within a few hours. I don't enjoy moving so it was a HUGE relief to have the professional take care of it.”

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