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We have helped hundreds of people move their piano. This is why Shaddai uses special techniques to pack a piano. The spinet’s lid has to be locked down and if the keyboard has a lid, it should be locked down too. The instrument should then be wrapped in thick layers of moving blanket and the edges taped firmly to the side. If required, the corner should have extra padding to prevent it from scuffing. The blanket should also go firmly round the four legs of the piano.

Once secured, the piano should be then handled by competent hands and then moved. While in transit, it is also best not to put the piano with any other heavy equipment and it is best to put it in a separate vehicle if budget allows. There are quite a few things that have to be kept in mind is one of this is to measure the piano first. A vehicle with a very narrow aisle might not be enough if the piano in question is a big grand piano. The nature and style of the piano is also to be considered while deciding on ways of wrapping it up.

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Jennifer and Thomas Garner
Jennifer and Thomas Garner

“Great Job! My husband and I are very pleased with your moving services. Our antique grand piano is very important to us. Your staff was very friendly and professional. Thank you for handling our piano with the highest caution. ”

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